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Try wire ties as stops for the car top carrier mounts. See if you can use bike tool cable tightener to tighten wire ties.

trailer notes

need extension on yakima rack and roll for long yak

I like this one:

person using unistrut for bars had a failure. looks like too much torque on it and it twisted the fittings.

I would not buy it with those lame hubs and wheels with a 4 x 4“ bolt pattern. I would demand a 5 x 4.5” bolt pattern. Your tire choices will be greater.

forester is 70.7 inches wide

meg note
spare tire $125   (this is a standard tire and wheel a person can buy locally)
Trailer Specs  2" ball  12" tire    3x5 with bed 

You may also call us at: 800-870-6756   shipping ( tax?)  if pick up at englewood (tampa?) costs (tax?) assembled. box sizes ? (fit in forester??)

DD 3’ × 5’  leaf sprg Load Bar Length 60  unloaded  215lb load  285 tongue extended 11'7" ground to load bars 30"  $ 1,459 + shpping tax?
DD 4’ × 5’ torsion - Load Bar Length 72  unloaded   285lb load  670 tongue extended 11'7"  ground to load bars 27"  $ 1,629
 sportsrig  shock    Load Bar Length 66  unloaded  165lb load   450 tongue B extend  14'2"     ground to load bars 38"   $2573 (w/tongueB+spare) shipping around $300  ~2900
Yakima 66 Shock   Load Bar Length 66  unloaded  150lb load  250  tongue extended 11' 0" ground to load bars? 26"    $2149 (1865) spare $160  free shipping on this   ~ 2300
Trailer Specs 1 7/8 ball  16 x 3.5 aluminum tire   spare tire  comes with tongue jack, rolls easy with tongue removed...

Yakima Rack n Roll   more info here than at Yakima site ... 
other than no bed, I like this the best, lowest, shortest and okay price  spare is less money,  

both 16" wheel trailers want a tongue height of 22"   both are okay on class 1 hitch 
not sure about dock doctors....

I t ink the info on sportsrig is not right for the trailer they're selling NOW - all images show no bed, weight with bed? size of bed? unknown... 
Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer - 78"
Our Price: $2,299.00

my yak is an eddyline fathom 16'3"


replacement t bolts for yakima trailer :-D

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